26 May 2008

Extremely local news: Finally, someone has said it

Hyde Park Progress:
U of C: Guardian Angel, Despot, or Sucker?
"Those who think that the University only wants luxury condos and expensive shops are woefully ignorant of the U payroll. Thousands of staff members and graduate students pull down modest pay and want to live in our neighborhood."

In completely unrelated news, Eric took 300 photographs at Bike the Drive. (Damn, I really need a new memory card if that's the standard these days.) I took about six and I don't think any of them turned out, so I'll direct you there instead. See also Chicagoist.


At 26 May, 2008 14:37, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Well, I wouldn't call it a *good* standard to aim for. It just creates a lot of work finding the good ones!


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