12 May 2008

Extremely local news: Downtown on the way up?

I keep missing the 53rd Street Visioning Workshops. Possibly because I don't care, seeing as how I don't expect to be living in Hyde Park much longer. Then again, I said exactly the same thing four years ago. So as long as "not much longer" equals four years, maybe I should care after all. I mean, the last time I didn't care the Co-Op went under, and now Treasure Island doesn't sell the instant soup, fruit bars, or coffee I like. And the place absolutely reeks of cheese. It's driving me slowly but surely toward all-out veganism.

Anyway, the quote of the day is from Hyde Park Urbanist:
53rd Street Visioning Workshop-- The Walk
"At 53rd and Lake Park, a Hyde Parker stopped me and asked what our group was doing. He stated that he was having a hard time figuring it out because we looked so diverse. His first guess had been that we were all in a drug treatment program."

Because Hyde Park is so addictive? ("I'll move next year, really...")

For some reason the weather is always very gloomy when large groups of people with cameras decide to tour the neighborhood. Nonetheless HPU took some good photos of what Hyde Park's main retail drag currently looks like and why parts of it desperately need improvement; see them here.

In barely related news, interesting discussion on bus-only lanes here. I've noticed that the tone in these transit vs. car discussions is a great deal more civilized than in the bike vs. car discussions. There are probably all sorts of reasons for that.


At 12 May, 2008 15:31, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

I have the same issue about whether I'm "permanent" enough to have a "valid" opinion about things. But actually, the fact that we're still here after graduating means probably yes.

But that was an academic debate for me anyway, since I was busy this weekend, just like I was last time they had a community workshop. Important community meetings somehow never fit into my schedule, which is weird given how flexible my schedule usually is.

At 12 May, 2008 16:24, Blogger Jennifer said...

I figure everyone who's not a sheltered undergrad living in a dormitory and rarely venturing more than two blocks from campus (yes, that was me once) has a valid opinion. Even if you feel like you're only stopping over for an extra couple years, you're still living, shopping, and/or working in the neighborhood long enough to have formed an opinion about the place and care about what goes on. Maybe not so much as the folks who've been here 50 years, but wouldn't it be some mark of success for a neighborhood if a good fraction of the "temporary" residents decide to stay? Or would it be better to have that high turnover, in order to keep the place more dynamic? Do people in college towns ask similar questions and face similar problems? Is it just the nature of the beast?

Aack, I'm running off on tangents when I should be working.

In any case, I consider myself as having made a home here; the questions for me are how much time and energy I want to devote the neighborhood now that my remaining time might be short, how far ahead into HP's future I feel comfortable looking and/or meddling, and whether or not my fondness for the place now affects my willingness to look for opportunities in other cities, which is kind of a scary thought. (I mean, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Or just a thing?)

Work. Now. Right.

At 12 May, 2008 17:35, Anonymous Jessica said...

Ha ha, once I was with one of my friends and we saw a large group of people of all ages, races, sizes, etc. and my friend said "It's either AA or a Bible study."

We actually asked someone and it was an NA meeting. Close enough.


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