27 April 2008

Updates on things

*The Grand Illinois Trail and Parks ride is full, but contact Chuck Oestreich (info listed at the bottom of that page) to add your name to the waiting list.

*Bike the Drive is still looking for volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities available before the day of the ride, and I think you get complimentary registration if you put in at least six preride hours. (Be sure to confirm that with the People In Charge, of course.)

*A couple of Cycling Sisters are organizing weekly group training rides for Bike the Drive. Join the email group to get details, or drop a comment and I'll pass along the pertinent contact information.

*I'm tired. There are several things that keep me up at night, and the new occlusal guard is now one more of them. I was told otherwise; I feel like a dupe.


At 27 April, 2008 16:26, Anonymous jessica said...

Full! Uh oh.


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