30 March 2008

The weirdest bike club ever

Bunch of Hyde Parkers in jeans and on hybrids, moseying down to Wolf Lake and its environs in search the unusual, the strange, and the slightly off-beat. We even had a tot in a trailer for half of the trip, making it the perfect picture of a kid-friendly family affair.

And to think of all the time I've wasted whining that I don't fit in with other cyclists.

Here we are in front of State Line Generating Station, almost in Indiana:

Here is Wolf Lake in early spring at William W. Powers State [Park]:

Two commemorative obelisks in one day ain't bad. Roughly 35 miles or so total, taking us all afternoon. I can't tell you how glad I am to have those days back again. Perhaps I had my Bike Day after all?

More later, including (but not limited to) an almost abandoned trailer park that will soon become swanky new houses within whiffing distance of Lake Calumet.


At 30 March, 2008 03:12, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

I'd say it was a success. And I managed to get sunburnt.

At 31 March, 2008 20:31, Blogger J/tati said...

Excellent! I wonder if you ran into Claus & Jonathan, as they basically traced your route, but left a bit later I think...

At 01 April, 2008 02:41, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, I thought they were heading north? They still might have run into (and passed) us because we took it nice and slow. As you can see, we were a pretty visible group. :-)


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