30 March 2008

New bike commuting Web site

Velocommuter.org, for people who haven't done it before. I know we bike commuters can be an intimidating bunch when we're all together, either in Real Life or on the Web, but I assure you that we really aren't an exclusive club of intolerable snobs. (We just sometimes enjoy acting like one, that's all.)

[Helmet tip to just about everyone. Hello, everyone.]

In other news, now that Scooty-Puff the Incredible Folding Bike is stashed in the closet, I really ought to do something more creative with my living room.

Potted plants? An indoor vegetable/herb garden? Could I coax some prairie grasses to grow in pots? Or at least a Ficus or two?


At 31 March, 2008 11:58, Blogger Hilton Meyer said...

You could plant spare tubes and see if you could get a rubber tree going. I've had little success but maybe the humidity here.


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