28 March 2008

Damn you, Google

I'm not going to tell you what I was searching for,* I'm just going to say that I'm a little disturbed by the results:

I cannot fathom how my half-assed self-portrait would appear between Todd Stroger and a couple of bikini-clad Lincoln Park trixies in any image search, except possibly for "f---ing annoying chicago people."

*Okay, since you're all going to ask anyway, it was "ron huberman." (It was because I saw this and for some reason wondered why it seems like every time I see a picture of Huberman it's of him pointing at something.) And now you're even more confused about those search results, aren't you.


At 28 March, 2008 20:13, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Aha, now we know your secret identity: Jennifer Stroger the Bicycle Trixie from Lincoln Park! I knew we would find you out, but I had no idea you would give up your disguise voluntarily!

At 29 March, 2008 03:00, Blogger Jennifer said...

Ha, I wish. I could get a cushy job shining a flashlight on the solar powered trash compactor in the subway.


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