26 March 2008

Crazy idea: Wolf Lake with people?

So if I decide to ride to Wolf Lake (IDNR) this weekend, would anyone be interested in coming along? Day would be whichever one is less likely to be precipitating, time would be whenever I wake up and get my stuff together, starting point would be wherever I feel like it, route would be the Lakefront Path to the Burnham Greenway via the signed bike route down US 41 (map 1, map 2, map 3), pace would be cautious and out of shape, likely with frequent stops for pictures. I may or may not decide to circle around to the Indiana side.

Yes, I do enjoy being spontaneous.

Anyway, if you're vaguely interested, let me know and I'll figure out details, send emails, and see about making this Some Kind of Thing. Otherwise... I'll probably just go anyway, but maybe I'll run into you running a red light at 79th and South Shore or something. The Burnham Greenway should be clear of snow/ice/slush by now, right? Avenue O is most unpleasant, and I won't do it again.

Nike missile monument, from the 2006 Perimeter Ride. Sunlight!


At 26 March, 2008 02:03, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

If I'm recovered suitably, I would like to go. I won't know for a couple more days though. And I would definitely need to take it slow.

At 26 March, 2008 16:25, Blogger Dingbat said...

Would love to say a definite yes, but I think the most I can come up with is an "If the weather's nice on Saturday, the whole family will aim to come." (We were going to have a day out downtown, but a day out down south would be fun, too. Sunday we're visiting Great-Grandma.)

At 27 March, 2008 13:02, Blogger Dingbat said...

PS- Leaving at noon-thirty or one-ish would be somewhat more doable for the Bat family.


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