31 March 2008

Bike Snob NYC nails it again

Ah, more sweet revenge from the fingers of someone even more notorious than I am.

From Bike Snob NYC:
From the BSNYC Culture Desk: "Bike Shorts" Wear Thin
"I arrived by stretch SUV with a small entourage and found a sizeable contingent of the bike culture already waiting outside for the doors to open, their bicycles clinging to every street sign in the area like mussels to pier pillars. The variety of bikes was stunning. There were fixed-gears with colored rims that matched, and fixed-gears with colored rims that didn’t match. Some of the fixed-gears had narrow bars, and some of them had really narrow bars. Some had stickers on them, and others had a lot of stickers on them. I might even have seen someone coasting, though that might simply have been a trick of the light. Clearly, though, a wide cross-section of the 'bike culture' was in attendance."
"In conclusion, I learned that I’d rather watch bad videos on YouTube, since instead of making difficult trips to a poorly-organized bar I can keep the bottle right next to me. Also, I can do it in my underpants..."

Well, duh--I thought everyone already knew that half of "bike culture" is mostly a thinly veiled excuse to go out for overpriced drinks with all three dozen or so of your closest friends. (The other half, of course, is the exclusive club of velocommuters, who will rant at length about the indignities we suffer and then wonder why more people don't bike to work.)


At 31 March, 2008 21:11, Blogger Fritz said...

You crack me up, JMD. You make an excellent observation about our rants :-)

Check this out.


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