28 March 2008

Bike Day

I'm sad. Well, not sad. Wistful.

Now that I'm a totally badass year-round bike commuter (sort of), I no longer get to experience Bike Day, that magical first day late in the winter when the sun finally breaks through the clouds, the ice melts, a warm soft breeze blows around your uncovered ears, and you finally bring your bicycle out of the garage/shed/basement/closet/storage locker/workshop/utility room and outside into the warm, bright daylight. The day of your very first ride of the season after what always seems like such an endless winter. You quickly become aware that your bike really needs a tune-up, but you hope it can hold together for just one more day, one more quick ride, this first day of spring. Oh, both the calendar and the weather forecast may chide you that no, it's still winter--but you're out on your bike today, therefore it's spring. It's finally spring.

From The Ride:
Back on the Bike

"It's better than Christmas -- it's Bike Day, the first day after the long, icy, gray, sunless, depressing Chicago winter that it's warm enough to bike to work again. Bike Day varies -- depending on how brave you're feeling. It is March, after all -- you never know what the weather's going to do. It could be 50 and sunny when you leave in the morning and 25 and snowing on the way home.

"My first bike day this year was March 13.

"You really remember why you live in the city when you're on a bike. You're not behind glass -- in a car or on the train. You're out in the weather, smelling fresh bread, sausages and bus exhaust, feeling the wind, looking at the stores and the people in their infinite variety. You feel like you're 11 years old again, and get to work feeling upbeat, for at least 30 minutes..."

Bike Day. I kinda miss it.

Some might consider what I'm about to say the worst kind of heresy, but here goes: Seasonal cyclists, don't ever let the hard-core all-weather types get you down for putting your bike away during winter. Go ahead and wait for spring, and savor the experience of Bike Day.

(But do remember to get that tune-up.)

[Helmet tip to bike>>blog.]

PS: Bike the Drive!


At 29 March, 2008 00:57, Blogger reub2000 said...

Ah this day, it was a couple of weeks ago. I lubed up my chain and pumped air into the tires, only to find that my front derailer was stuck in position.

At 29 March, 2008 13:04, Blogger Dan said...

My Bike Day was a couple of weeks ago as well. I had a ball!


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