14 February 2008

Northwest Indiana bike map!

Sorry if I'm late to the party, Indianans, but I just heard the news!

From CBF's bike>>blog:
Be the first to see the new Indiana Bike Map!

"Northwest Indiana’s first comprehensive bike map will be unveiled to the public at 11 a.m. Feb. 21 at 6100 Southport Road in Portage, Ind. Join the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation for this momentous event.

"Use the map to discover on-street bikeways and off-street trails in LaPorte, Porter and Lake counties and as far west as Halsted Street in Chicago. The map also features safety information, resources for riding and advocacy groups in Northwest Indiana.

"Plus, 100,000 copies are available for free.

"Questions? Contact Mitch Barloga [at NIRPC]." [link to actual email address at actual blog post]

Let's have another round of exclamation points! Are you excited? I'm excited!

PS: Bike the Drive!


At 14 February, 2008 21:07, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

Ooh, I hope it's going to be possible to get a copy in the city. I've never done more than put a foot over the IN border, just to say I've done it, on my bike. I'd like to know how to actually, safely get around down there.

At 15 February, 2008 19:48, Blogger Katherine said...

Heh, I seem to be finding several people besides myself who've biked to the Indiana state line (I've been there at 106th a couple times) and stepped over "just to say I've done it." I want that map too; I've been wanting to bike to Gary (really) for a while now, especially since the South Shore line doesn't allow bikes (sigh), which at least one friend of mine found out the hard way...

At 15 February, 2008 20:08, Blogger Jennifer said...

Just to say you've done it? Come on now, Wolf Lake is right there. Take 134th across the state line into Hammond, then a left where it ends at Sheffield. Sheffield is an industrial corridor with impressive potholes and lots of debris, but traffic will generally ignore you. (Or at least they have the 2-3 times I've done it. Lots of tractor-trailer trucks, but the drivers know what they're doing and give you space.)

Sheffield terminates at a really nasty intersection on US 41, but if you turn left there's a nice park on Wolf Lake with a multi-use trail, and if you turn right you can access the George Lake Trail (or Lake George Trail, or whatever it's called). The trail takes you off the Chicago Bike Map and terminates nowhere special in the middle of Hammond, but hopefully the new NW Indiana map will be able to direct you from there.

At 15 February, 2008 20:33, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, and two words: folding bike! It can be a nuisance to fold and unfold, it can be a lot of weight to drag around, your next credit card bill or bank statement may make you cringe, and people will stare at you wherever you go, but none of that will matter the first time you board a train with your new folding bike. No BS bike policies. No exorbitant fees. No dismantling it and putting it in a box. No grumbles, complaints, protestations, or melodramatic sighs from people forced to give up their seat for you and your unwieldy contraption that you think entitles you to special treatment. No, you're just another passenger with a huge piece of baggage. It's wonderful!

At 15 February, 2008 23:29, Blogger Eric Allix Rogers said...

I've crossed over on Avenue G Drive around 10300 south, to see the nasty-yet-beautiful State Line Generating Station, and at about 12100 S, inside the Eggers Woods forest preserve north of Wolf Lake, and then also down on 134th south of the lake. I've never gone further, though, because my biggest fear is abruptly ending up in a situation that looks like Indianapolis Boulevard, which I find scary in the too-wide-street suburban kind of way. So I think a bike map for the region would be quite helpful. I, too, would enjoy biking to Gary, and I've heard Whiting is a cute town to explore as well.

At 16 February, 2008 00:27, Blogger Jennifer said...

Man, I wish it were August...

At 15 May, 2008 11:40, Blogger Lisa said...

I am originally from Whiting - and yes, it's a great little city! Come on over the border and bike along Lake Michigan (there are lots of places for a meal or snack or light shopping along 119th Street).
Here is a map:


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