10 January 2008

Time to unsubscribe from Bikewinter?

Another tidbit from Bikewinter:

"Earlier today, the following was overheard on an unnamed Chicago bike enthusiast listserve:
'...my sense is that Critical Mass is just a lot sexier and more interesting than Bike Winter.'
Has Bike Winter really become frigid?"

And is sex all that matters to you?

I'm sorry, folks, but Bikewinter is turning into the most useless mailing list to which I've ever subscribed--and I was on the U of C fencing list for four years. (No, I've never held a foil in my life. That's my point.)

In similar news, last night I discovered a whole new dimension of meaning for the phrase "frigid loins." Long story short, make sure you wear an extra layer under your jeans. (Or whatever pants. I wear jeans. What is everyone's problem with jeans? Sure, your undies turn blue, but it's not like everyone will know about it.) I assure all the ladies out there that this is not a male-specific problem. I repeat, NOT a male-specific problem. Brrr. More later.
In other news, public transit funding updates at CTA Tattler and Illinoize. (And probably your favorite Chicago rag or network, too.) I grow weary.


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