24 January 2008

Polka Ride!

Oh, bitch bitch bitch. Let's ride bikes!

Tomorrow is the, uh, Nth annual Polka Ride. I guess. I'm still not completely sure how Critical Mass and their "xerocracy" works. Possibly not being completely sure how it works is the whole point. Anarchy and loosely organized collectives and all. But I likes me my infrastructure, and politics is so thoroughly entertaining.

Anyway, I might see you there tomorrow at 5pm at Daley Plaza. There was a flyer in my cubicle this morning, so I'm going to guess that at least one of my coworkers is going to try to talk me into it soon. As there will be no riding at dawn in negative windchills involved this time (see Winter Bike to Work Day last week), she (he? is that you, IR?) will probably succeed.
In other news, moral dilemma: I've tried Lush, Avalon Organics, and even Trader Joe's, and still nothing sooths my severely chapped hands in winter quite like this chemical concoction. What to do. (Nothing against Lush and their mostly natural shampoo with beer in it, mind you; I'll swear by that stuff until the day I die.)


At 24 January, 2008 16:02, Blogger reallyboring said...

I think I'm giving the polka ride a miss. I kinda committed to go see a friend's student film screening that night. And it's going to be warm where the film screening is. Not that that matters or anything.

At 24 January, 2008 22:39, Anonymous jessica elgin said...

instead of lotion, maybe try a cream. i don't think lotion does that great of a job on hands.

i like cocoa butter a lot, but you have to check the ingredients b/c some brands are better than others. also burt's bees has an almond milk cream and a banana cream--both work well. burt's bees is at target and wal-greens now.


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