13 January 2008

Looking up

In which I walk down Lake Street to the bus stop on a Sunday evening and rediscover an old perspective.

Other items:
*An article in Newcity Chicago on what makes a neighborhood cool.
*A program on WTTW11 on how the Farnsworth House keeps averting disaster.
*What the duck is "recreational science"? I always thought of recreation as more of an art than a science.
*Finally sat down and watched Bender's Big Score. Huge disappointment.
*Maps! Strange maps!
In other news, this. You know, Illinois politics is thoroughly entertaining, but only if you live here. And that actually makes it pretty sad.


At 14 January, 2008 11:49, Blogger Benjamin said...

Recreational science is science that's you know, for fun. Like stargazing or birdwatching, or when Dean melts cans into slag. (Home metallurgy!)

At 14 January, 2008 13:53, Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, be careful who you're talking to, because for some people it means something else.

At 14 January, 2008 13:56, Blogger Benjamin said...

What do you think we should call it, then?

At 14 January, 2008 14:08, Blogger Jennifer said...



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