07 January 2008

Folding baiku, other things

Folding bike is fun!
Cute and small and portable.
Oof--the seat is hard.

A folding bike is
a great conversation piece.
"Hey, cute little bike!"
First ride of '08 (why not) was yesterday on the other side of town and unfortunately neither fast nor far, just from Millennium Station up to Rapid Transit CycleShop in Wicker Park. Yes, I cheated and took the Metra Electric downtown, but so what? I probably should not have ridden anywhere at all with a head cold so bad that I had to answer every question with a glassy-eyed "Mweh...?" But the "fresh" outdoor air appears to have done me more good than moping around inside all day. And I always hate, hate, hate dragging my bike on the El. And I always love, love, love riding my bike downtown. I have a hard time believing now that I was ever scared of doing so.

Apparently there's a great debate among north-side cyclists over which diagonal street is better for getting to and from downtown (example). Usually (where by "usually" I mean "on the rare occasion that I, for some reason, bike farther north than Randolph St.") I take Elston Ave. because it's an industrial, warehouse, and big-box retail corridor that's blessedly free of traffic for most of its length, but yesterday I took Milwaukee Ave. to try something different. (Here's a map.) It was... interesting. I can't quite put my finger on why. It was something else besides the fact that Milwaukee is evidently a very popular bike route. Stand at any corner on Milwakee and you'll see a bike go by every couple of seconds. Cyclists whir along in both directions like it's the most normal thing in the world. It made me happy to see. It made me feel less unusual, and yesterday that felt like a good thing.

So the hybrid is safely at the shop, hence the folding bike today. I was just about to feel sorry for myself yesterday evening for being bikeless in the middle of a nice heat wave when I suddenly remembered--oh right, I have two bikes now! Hooray, an excuse to ride the adorable newish one! (Incidentally, I hope I'm not turning manly men off to folding bikes by gushing about the cuteness of mine. I assure you there's nothing at all girly about my Breezer Zig7, it's just that every time I look at it, I can't help but think "Awww!")
In other news, Roger Kramer found some good press on Illinois' new three-foot passing, etc., law. (Hey fellow Illinoisans: What are we calling this thing? Would "three-foot law" suffice?)

Beacon News:
Move over, motorists
[The headline is nice and to the point.]

Kane County Chronicle:
New state law takes bikers' safety into consideration
[I dislike the implication here that taking bikers' safety into consideration is some kind of fad.]


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