24 January 2008

Even my bike hates me

Anthropomorphism is a way of coping with loneliness, according to research at (where else?) the University of Chicago. Here's our press release:
People not always needed to alleviate loneliness: Many try to identify with animals, gadgets, spiritual beliefs

"New research at the University of Chicago finds evidence for a clever way that people manage to alleviate the pain of loneliness: They create people in their surroundings to keep them company.

"'Biological reproduction is not a very efficient way to alleviate one’s loneliness, but you can make up people when you’re motivated to do so,' said Nicholas Epley, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. 'When people lack a sense of connection with other people, they are more likely to see their pets, gadgets or gods as human-like.'"

I asked Avenger what he thought of this, and the son of a bitch asked me if I had volunteered as a research subject. I told him he could fix his own damn brakes. Now he's sulking.

[Helmet tip to the Digital Cuttlefish, a cephalopod who writes poetry.]


At 24 January, 2008 22:32, Anonymous jessica elgin said...

i don't care what the animal haters say, my dog has personality! and he adores me!


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