17 December 2007

Have a great fall

I'll try to keep this in mind.

From Bike Snob NYC (who finally wrote something I found just barely worthy of reading--yow! can I be uber-snobby or what!):
The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Falling Down In Public
"Stay down. Make it look as though, while you certainly didn't mean to wind up on the pavement, you're kind of happy you did. Go into your bag, make a few phone calls, maybe eat something. Or else just fold your hands behind your head, relax, and gaze wistfully at the sky. People respect people who take life as it comes.

"Make it count. Once you realize you're going down, maximize the shock value. Send the bike sliding for a few yards. If you can, take a few other riders with you. Then get up and finish your bike off like Pete Townshend laying waste to his guitar at the end of a concert. Maybe even take out a car windshield too. Clumbsiness is embarrassing--carnage is awesome."

There's more!

But whatever you do, don't burst into song with an impressively long string of expletives. You just know there's going to be an elementary school letting out nearby.

[Tip o' the helmet to Cyclelicious.]
Update: Chew on this. Now there's anti-snob snobbery? Shnit, I just wanna ride my bike! Stupid snow.

In extremely local news, we (we?) could have had a Whole Foods ten years ago? Wow. Just... wow.

C'mon Dominick's! I got a circular from them last week addressed to "Our Neighbor at:" that was positively gushing about how great they were and filled with coupons that expire next year. I've never gotten a Dominick's circular before. The nearest Dominick's to me is in what north-siders would refer to as "another neighborhood." Hopefully that's a good sign.


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