15 December 2007

Best boss ever, or Why else bike to work?

Department memo after a robbery down the street that morning:

[usual list of safety tips]

And finally, of course you all know I'm going to say

--Bike; bikers are not only bold, sexy, and environmentally responsible, but also less likely to get mugged.
[emphasis added]

Disclaimer: Evidence is anecdotal, not statistical. But it still sort of intuitively makes sense--if you're zipping along at 10-20 mph three feet from the curb, how likely are you to be accosted by someone on the sidewalk?

Then again, you also hear the occasional anecdote about someone getting a 2x4 in the face... or being carjacked, or having a window smashed, or getting a license plate stolen (true story). I guess you need to keep it all in perspective.

And as long as I had too much coffee this evening (what was I thinking, having any?), here are four more reasons I found why you should bike more. But it's perfectly all right if you'd rather wait until spring; I won't stare disdainfully at you for it. Ice skating!
What the heck, here's a photo:

Scene at a bus stop. It's not much of one, but I'm always fascinated by the many spots--even miles away--where from street level you can see some components of Chicago's signature downtown skyline. That's Aon Center in the background with the vertical stripes; Two Prudential Plaza is visible to the left. I know A Chicago Sojourner isn't interested in the skyline now that he lives here, but I've lived here a few years already and found that you can't ever quite escape it. I don't think I'll ever tire of searching for places where you can see still those buildings looming above the horizon. Even from as far away as Batavia. [Do click on that; it's stunning.]


At 17 December, 2007 15:21, Blogger Fritz said...

That was really in the office memo?? That's incredible!


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