20 November 2007

Your opinion counts! (well, maybe), or Are these boots made for biking?

Attention experienced winter cyclists:

I recently bought these,* except mine are black (duh) and don't come up that high. They replace these, which nearly destroyed my feet (and did a piss-poor job of actually keeping them warm, now that I think about it). So I was going mainly for comfort and functionality, with extra points for style and ability to wear them with my dress coat and casual separates without looking like a bumpkin.** Their flexibility in the ankle led me to believe that I would also be able to bike while wearing them.

So my question is, do you think I will indeed be able to bike while wearing those boots? I haven't tried yet and probably won't get an opportunity to until after there's already several inches of filthy gray slush on the ground, and by then I won't be able to return them. Note that I don't plan on journeying tens to hundreds of miles across a frozen wasteland (and my pedals don't have clips anyway), so those fancy cycling boots (example) that everyone keeps raving about (example) would be useless to me. I just want to be able to get around town this winter if CTA Doomsday ver. 2.3 actually happens without getting frostbitten toes. But if the trade-off will be another crazy Achilles tendon injury, then I'll keep them in the box tomorrow and keep looking.

And speaking of going to a big-box retailer to buy stuff and divert a tiny amount of tax money away from public transit in Chicago...
From Illinois Transportation Issues:
Chicago Mayor Says Think Different
[Is the moderator a Mac user, or am I just giving myself away by continuing to make this mental association?]
"4. Tie Transit To Land Use. Explicitly tie transit investments to land use. Write in the RTA Act a requirement that the RTA prioritize transit investment and service to regions and communities that support transit oriented development. (This is not necessarily a gimme for Chicago. Its embrace of big box retailing and minimum parking space requirements for new residential construction, for example, might put it below some suburban communities that are trying to build TOD developments around Metra stations.)"

Excellent point--is it just me, or has the Republic of Lincoln Park become identical to Schaumburg, right down to the psuedo-bike-friendliness?

*At Gander Mountain. In Kenosha. But before you stone me for taking my sales tax to another state, please note that both the City and County of Kenosha have a wonderful bike trail system that has been extensively utilized by yours truly ever since I was riding around on a Huffy with streamers on the handlebars, so there is some fairness to it.

**Consider, if you will, an urbanite, going to meet her suburban/small town mother at Ogilvie Transportation Center for a day of holiday shopping on State Street, who decides--fashion be darned--to wear pac boots, a frumpy wool sweater, and an ugly but warm parka because it's so danged bitterly cold outside. What's mom wearing? Slacks, a blazer, and shoes to match. Because she doesn't want to embarrass her daughter by wearing an ensemble that's more suitable for a trek in the woods. Because it's so danged bitterly cold outside. True story.


At 21 November, 2007 10:53, Anonymous jessica elgin said...

at the bike shop i recently saw studded tires for traveling in ice and snow. never seen those before!

At 21 November, 2007 11:21, Blogger Jennifer said...

It's not the ice and snow I'm worried about right now, it's the rain. The fog that turns to drizzle that turns to rain that turns to freezing rain that turns to sleet that turns to rain/snow mix that finally turns to snow after everything else is already soaked.

I hate late autumn.


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