29 November 2007

The Hyde Park Uncooperative

Update: I have a crazy idea. It's crazy because I know next to nothing about the myriad finer details of the situation, but in a perfect world all my crazy ideas make perfect sense. So hear me out on my crazy idea.

1. Hyde Park Co-Op Market makes its "graceful exit" from the 55th St. location after almost a century of blah blah blah blah.

2. University of Chicago brings in a "quality grocer" like they've always wanted to do. Neighborhood gets a shiny new big-box retailer (look, we're improving the economy!), students get a cheap place to buy ramen noodles and shitty beer,* parents get a nice generic nonthreatening place that looks exactly like their own grocery store back home in the sprawl to buy their kids laundry detergent and toilet paper.

3. A new incarnation of the Co-Op (surprise!) moves into the 47th St. location. Real Residents get their apples** back. Who cares if the kids don't venture that far north to buy Frosted Flakes and frozen pizza?

*Oh no, I forgot the beer! Where am I going to buy decent beer when the Co-Op closes? (She moaned beer-geekily.)

**Sorry, I really like those apples. Every autumn the temp gets cooler, the leaves change color, and the Co-Op gets unusual apples from Doud Orchard in Indiana. It's just part of the season around here.
See this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. It looks like either way we're going to lose the Co-Op (*sniff* apples...), but it'll be a fierce, ugly battle of opinions between impossible ideals and harsh realities, with absolutely nothing being done in the meantime to actually improve the situation. Hey, kinda like with Promontory Point. I'm sensing a recurring theme in this neighborhood. Does this happen elsewhere, or is it just us?
In other news, this. And this. Everything sucks.
Okay, everything does not suck. Here's this beautiful thing. And cute little electric cars in London. Too bad "cute," "little," and "electric" are not adjectives that Americans particularly like when it comes to their cars. Maybe if we started calling them "electronic microvehicles" people would warm up to the idea.


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