17 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving I

Little brother's off to Europe next week and both parents have to work next weekend, so I'm up in the far-north suburbs today and tomorrow for Thanksgiving I. Next weekend I take the Illini downstate (AGAIN) for Thanksgiving II with the other half of the family. And then all I'll want for X-mas is some peace and quiet. I got New Year's Eve day off, so if anyone wanted to watch the fireworks from my living room, let me know now. Otherwise I might go somewhere (but probably not Europe) because it's nothing I haven't seen already.

It's rather too loud in this house to think, so I'll let you do that for me and leave you with a few items from my RSS feed reader that looked interesting. Evetually I'll read them.

west north:
Hubs and links

Illinois Transportation Issues:
$1.9 Billion I-94 Expansion Announced
In other news, eew. I suddenly have to wonder, how would a hard-core vegan react upon learning that fact? Or a really, really conservative Jew? (Are bugs kosher?) Or an extremely devout Catholic on Good Friday? Catholics eat fish and call it "not eating meat," but would two pounds of bug parts endanger your immortal soul?


At 20 November, 2007 12:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bugs are very much not kosher.



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