19 November 2007

Depressing mid-90s space rock used to sell automobile, or Lyrics of the day

Sounds like an Onion headline, doesn't it? Well, it's not.

Remember Hum? Of course you don't; I don't even remember how I got into them. It must have been just after they fell off the face of the earth, because I do remember having a devil of a time finding Downward is Heavenward. Anyhoo, I like to describe their music as the world's most depressing acid trip, but now a dozen or two aging hipsters who have been devoted Hum fans since fifth or sixth grade are going to cry foul. Eh, give it your best shot. I already know how uncool I am.

So I was watching TV (or more accurately, the TV was on to be watched) and this Cadillac commercial came on, and at the end when they briefly show the fine print I heard the riff from "Stars." And all I could think was (1) what the duck? and (2) Matt Talbott crooning the line that comes after that riff:

"I found her out back, sitting naked, looking up and looking dead..."

Yeah, that really makes me want to buy a Cadillac.
In other news, gas prices. And BP is whining again about their refinery just around the lakeshore. Regular unleaded is $3.39 per gallon at both locations across both streets. And there's the tanker truck now.


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