03 October 2007

Scary day for Illinois rail

First, two Metra Electric trains jumped the tracks in South Shore in the middle of rushhour. (Yes, that's the same line where all those railroad spikes were pulled, but the derailments occurred six miles away on a different branch. The official word is that they're unrelated to the sabotage incident.)

Then there was a bomb threat on the Illinois Zephyr in Naperville. Here's the part that really creeps me out:

"[Naperville police Cmdr. Ray] Adkins said the exterior of the train was searched for explosives in Chicago and then stopped in Naperville for the interior search."

Wait--how did it get as far as Naperville before an interior search was conducted? Why wasn't that train searched inside and out before it even left Union Station? Why were the passengers allowed on board at all if there were reports of explosives?

Something tells me we don't have the full story here, but... Damn! I thought we were still in the grips of perpetual vigilance against terror here! What the hell happened?! I for one would like a thorough explanation from somebody very high up in that chain of command.


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