11 October 2007

Is this heaven?

Hello, Iowa.

A Tale of Two Counties
In the farm belt, a look at the extremes of agricultural production

You should check it out if only to read the most amusing photo caption I've seen all day.

Update: This is not amusing. In fact, it's really sad.
On Being a Second-Class Iowa Citizen
A frustrated resident speaks out

And people wonder why I don't cook meat. Other than the "eew raw meat!" factor. (This is also why I'm not in med school.) And the infamous time I gave my family food poisoning. These things can be overcome, but pondering the origin of that oozing bit of raw dead flesh in its saran-wrapped styrofoam tray--ugh. So it's actually somehow nice to know that the situation is much worse than I had thought. No no, I'm not squeamish, I'm Doing The Right Thing! Here, try my spaghetti with lentil sauce!
In other news, let's surf the 'net like it's 1999! Can't believe they still have that up.


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