20 October 2007

Conservatives care about my breasts (and apparently not much else)

Spread the word like it's an STD!

From Planned Parenthood Aurora:
Want to prevent breast cancer? Give up that Ph.D.

"As we mark Breast Cancer Awareness month many of us consider prevention methods. Some of us tally up how many women in our family has been struck by this disease. We give thought to what we might do, as individuals, to keep the disease at bay. Well guess what? HT to the Feminist Peace Network for finding the cure in a conservative web community..."

From Feminist Peace Network:
The Right Wing Cure for Breast Cancer

"I suppose it was inevitable, but the family values crazies have come up with a great cure for breast cancer. Yes, you guessed it–get married and have babies! Dr. Miriam Grossman writes for Townhall, a “conservative web community..."

From Towhnall.com:
Want Protection From Breast Cancer? Have Some Babies

"October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ladies. Time for pink ribbons, fundraising, mammograms, and that familiar list of lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your risk.

"I bet most of you can recite it in your sleep: examine yourself monthly, watch your weight, exercise, eat berries, vegetables and fiber. Don’t smoke or drink excessive alcohol. Avoid red meat and fatty foods.

"Those are the guidelines etched in our brains, women young and old, desperate to dodge the dreaded bullet that will strike one in eight of us. But as you stock up on blueberries and sauerkraut, please know one more thing. The 'lifestyle' choice that provides the best protection from this epidemic has nothing to do with diet, cigarettes, or booze.

"You won’t find it highlighted in women’s magazines or health websites, but it’s the mommy track that provides the greatest protection against breast cancer: giving birth before thirty, having a bunch of kids, and breastfeeding them—for a long time..."

Pah, you sound like my grandmother. I'll take my chances with cancer, thanks.

Anyway, here's the gem of a quote that's making the rounds:

"October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, right? It’s all about publicizing the facts, so women can make informed decisions. If we’re encouraging women to rethink their 'lifestyles,' why omit the most critical lifestyle choice of all?

"It’s another instance of ideology trumping science. Emphasizing the benefits of early motherhood could—gasp!—encourage some young women to give marriage more priority, and postpone their demanding career. They might decide it’s a diamond they most want now, not a PhD.

"Yes, yes, I know: Betty Friedan, founding mother of feminism, is convulsing in her grave. I hear her cry: here goes forty years of progress down the drain!

"The problem is biology itself is sexist..."

First of all, it's the science of biology that's sexist, and that's because bio chicks work in a historically male-dominated environment and ideology. (Sadly, it persists even today--ever read any evolutionary psychology? That's the field that tells us that men are "genetically programmed" to prefer hot young women and sleep around because it makes them and their offspring "more fit." So there's just no way around it, sorry. Gag.) But biological systems themselves can't be called sexist. It's like calling the climate racist because why else is it so dangerously hot down there by the equator where people tend to have dark skin?

Besides, what the heck else is science, technology, and medicine all for if not to enable ourselves to overcome the very limits imposed by biology? We've walked on the freaking moon, turned deadly diseases into minor inconveniences, and built cities where millions of people can live without having to hunt or gather. So why all the hand-wringing about the feminist ideology being incompatible with biology?

Oh, and DON'T get me started on ideology trumping science. I can hardly believe that a conservative had the ovaries to even say such a thing. Madam, you walked right into that one--watch your back, 'cause here comes the lash.

Diamonds and PhD's are both pretty overrated, if you ask me, but no one ever does. I'm not stereotypical enough for my opinion to matter.


At 21 October, 2007 03:18, Blogger Georg said...

Bonjour Jennifer,

The political parties are just as stupid as their voters are. In other words, stupid voters make stupid politicians, or politician who try to match their voting flock.

Cheers to you - and go on cycling


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