29 September 2007

Things I learned tonight

0. Six different ways not to get to Daley Plaza.

1. Critical Mass is really only fun in the downtown area.

2. A folding bike is almost useless without some sort of carrying device.

3. A few more lonely spots near the river where at night the downtown skyline appears suddenly, like a ghost: silent and improbable.

4. Rut. Stuck. Life. In one.

At least I have a shiny new bike...

Critical Mass 10th Anniversary Ride pics, in order of decreasing daylight and increasing speed:

The end?


At 02 October, 2007 20:41, Blogger T.C. O'Rourke said...

Why Ms. Davis! I had no idea you rolled with those two wheel'd hoodlums. Scandalous.

The 10th anniversary ride had many problems, some associated with it's size (ped crossings, police freakouts) and others undetermined (long stretches walking.)

Police crackdown on drinking was another drag-- I dispensed/drank only 45 of my 60 beers!

I look forward to a thinning of the herd this winter.

At 03 October, 2007 14:29, Anonymous jessica said...



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