08 August 2007

Vicarious exploration of the Illinois River

One-up me, will ya, Chicago Tribune? Er, I mean, great idea!
From Chicago Tribune:
Rediscovering the Illinois River

"These days, most people probably know the Illinois only as a diagonal line that snakes across the middle of state maps. Few can tell you it's the longest and largest river within the state. Even fewer can speak of traveling upon it.

"With that in mind, Tempo decided this summer to travel the length of the 273-mile-long waterway. We set out to observe the fishing, shipping and trade that once made the Illinois one of the most used waterways in the nation. We hoped to return with the stories of the people who live, work or simply play along the river's banks."

Hey, you can bike on it, too! Well, parts of it, sort of. (And not really on it, of course.) The I&M Canal was referred to as "our little brother" by... someone, who gave a brief talk on the Illinois Waterway but now I can't remember which agency she worked for, but in any case I think the I&M Canal State Trail should count.

That Trib feature is part 1 of 4 in the Tempo section.


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