06 August 2007

Nugget of activism of the day: Union Station

Does Union Station suck or what? Honestly, I've been navigating the place so often for so long that I don't even notice anymore, but I'll never forget the first dozen or two times I tried.

The Great Hall really doesn't serve any useful purpose right now. Homeless people sleep there. Bikes are supposed to be wheeled in from a seedy-looking cabstand on Clinton through those ridiculously tiny doors. Occasionally the space is rented out for some gala or other and you can't even get in, or you can but you have to pick your way around equipment being set up. And it smells funny.

But it's a nice looking old historic building in West Loop Gate, so what the hell, let's build condos on top of it. Nevermind that all but one Amtrak route between the east cost and the west coast and more than half of the Metra routes terminate at Union Station, so sometimes the crowds overflow to the Great Hall for lack of anywhere else to go.

So the Midwest High Speed Rail Association has (as usual) an ambitious idea--and an easy way to contact Richard M. Daley, Mayor, with your two cents about it. (Keep the bike lanes on Canal and Clinton, please!)


At 07 August, 2007 15:48, Anonymous Marian Byrnes said...

Dear Jennifer,

Where have you been all my life? I love to meet anybody who loves the Calumet the way you do. Are you on the mailing list for the Calumet Stewardship Initiative calendar? Get in touch,

Marian Byrnes
(sometimes known as the matriarch of the Calumet)

At 07 August, 2007 15:56, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm afraid I only discovered it this year! I mean, I always knew it was there, but was unaware that there's such a strong community dedicated to improving it until I surfed the Web one night looking for interesting places to bike.

I'll get in touch as soon as I can!


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