23 August 2007

Grudge beats sludge: BP agrees not to dump quite so much

Somehow this feels anticlimactic:
BP pledges no increase in Lake Michigan discharge limits

"BP America today promised to operate its Whiting refinery to meet the lower discharge limits contained in the refinery's previous wastewater treatment permit.

"'We have participated in an open and transparent permitting process with the State of Indiana and obtained a valid permit that meets all regulatory standards and is protective of water quality and human health. Even so, ongoing regional opposition to any increase in discharge permit limits for Lake Michigan creates an unacceptable level of business risk for this $3.8 billion investment,' said BP America Chairman and President Bob Malone."

Yay? I smell yet another loophole, but maybe it's just the fumes. I guess we all squawked loudly enough to create an "unacceptable level of business risk." Go us!

I'm sort of afraid that everyone will rush out now and buy as much BP gas as possible in support of their magnanimous decision or something, which would really defeat the purpose of all that squawking in the first place. So if you've been buying less gas this past month or so because of all this, please continue doing that.


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