23 August 2007

A-hole quote of the day, plus archival BTD photos

From USA Today:
Narrowed roads gain acceptance in Colo., elsewhere

"Critics such as David Hartgen, emeritus professor of transportation at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, say pressure from interest groups such as senior advocates and bicycle organizations is forcing changes that can disrupt a road network beyond the stretches that have gotten a complete streets treatment.

"'It's really just arrogance and selfishness on the part of usually very small groups of individuals,' Hartgen says. 'They exert political power to "take back the street," but the street is not theirs to take back.'"

Arrogance, sure; selfishness, maybe. But "very small"? Very small? Does this look very small to you?

Now if you don't mind, we'll be borrowing Lake Shore Drive for a while.

I do miss those shades. I think I still have them somewhere in this drawer... *rummage* yes, here they are. But about a week after this photo I hit a bus that I could barely see in front of me, so I got the dorky Rx sunglasses I have now. Hey, that means my prescription must've expired months ago. That would explain a lot.

And finally, the Ridiculous Award goes to this one:

Bike the Drive '05. It changed my life.

So anyway, the road may not be ours to take back per se--but it's not yours to hog all to yourselves, either.


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