25 July 2007


I was all set to visit Yerkes Observatory this Saturday, when it finally occurred to me to check the blackout dates for bikes on Metra. Venetian Night, July 28. Damn! Every year I forget all about it and this happens to me. Stupid boats. I could Pace my way up to Harvard if I really wanted to, but that would probably take, what, a week maybe?

With Metra off-limits, now I'm thinking either Springfield or Milwaukee and wondering whether it's too late for either. In the meantime, enjoy these pretty pictures in the University of Chicago Magazine:
Celestial sphere

Update: In Berwyn news (Berwyn? news?), it looks like the Critical Mass folks would like to help Save the Spindle by... storming Berwyn? Tell me how this is going to help? Oh well, sound like fun, and I'm already the queen of doing just about anything just to make a point.


At 01 August, 2007 14:53, Blogger David Johnsen said...

In case you were planning to go this weekend instead... I just saw on Metra's Web site that no bikes will be allowed on August 4-5 because of Lollapalooza.

At 01 August, 2007 14:55, Blogger Jennifer said...


At 01 August, 2007 14:56, Blogger Jennifer said...

Well, it's supposed to be 90-odd degF this weekend anyway.


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