27 July 2007

Garfield Park Conservatory, take 2

A few weeks ago I went (apparently the wrong way) to see Niki in the Garden at the Garfield Park Conservatory. And I finally got my photos to upload.

Waterfall in the Palm House.

"Adam and Eve" in the Palm House. The palm behind them to the left is the Scheelea Palm, the oldest and largest in the conservatory.

From outside the conservatory looks like a bunch of "glass haystacks" (I read that somewhere and it's a good description), but on the inside the Palm House gives the impression of being in a glass and palm cathedral.

These plants made me hungry.

"Horus et sa grace" (sort of) in the Palm House.

The lush green Fern Room.

"3 Graces Fountain" in the Fern Room.

"Nana Jaune" of the "3 Graces Fountain" in the Fern Room.

Waterfall in the Fern Room. I read that Jens Jensen, the designer of the conservatory, was really picky about it.

"Miles Davis" (no relation) in the Horticulture Hall.

Waterfall in the Aroid House. I like waterfalls.

"Pouf Serpent Jaune" in the Desert House.

"Grand Oiseau de Feu sur l'Arche" in the City Garden.

The firebird in the sun.

"Arbre Serpents" in the City Garden, I think.


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