13 July 2007

For personal reference

Places I want to bike this summer. Yikes, only half of it left. What the heck have I been doing?

Milwaukee, damn it
Fox River Trail, on a nice day
Chicago Botanic Gardens, with enough time to actually look around
I&M Canal, either Rockdale-Aux Sable from Joliet or Aux Sable-Rock Run from Aurora
Giant City, which probably won't happen but I'll list it here anyway
Original Rainbow Cone
Humboldt Park, in broad dayight
Yerkes Observatory
Argonne/Waterfall Glen?
Midewin, maybe
Chicago Outdoor Film Festival
Joliet, the long way
Oak Park, to see Wright stuff then to Lombard via Illinois Prairie Path to close a gap
all those free outdoor concerts around the city that I keep hearing about


At 13 July, 2007 15:45, Blogger T.C. O'Rourke said...

Me again.

A quality list of destinations, one and all.

I have recently visited Midewin, which you can read (and comment about) on my own blog. I cannot recommended it enough.

An excellent shortcut is taking the Metra to Joliet and getting on the Wauponsee Glacial Trail, which goes right there 12-15 miles or so. Bring water.

At the risk of internet over-friendliness, I'd like to invite you on the 2007 annual Starved Rock Ride, which, despite the name, will be going Chicago, IL -- Milwaukee, WI -- Muskegon, MI -- Chicago, IL, on July 20th to the 24th. It is open invitation, unsupported and we will be camping.


Good luck on reaching your many destinations.


At 13 July, 2007 18:48, Blogger Jennifer said...



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