28 July 2007

Cool Globes revisited

I returned to the Cool Globes on the lakefront--it's hard not to since they're on my way downtown, but this time I had my camera. This one is my favorite:

Here we have a smoggy, traffic-congested, garbage-strewn dystopia. Perhaps it looks familiar.

Outside the city we see coal-powered heavy industry, oil derricks, and a slimy green lake.

Then the scene abruptly transforms into one with a clean lake, farm fields, and windmills. Cows graze, and birds have returned. Note that there are more houses, but they're smaller and surrounded by greenery.

In the city are blue skies, green roofs, recycling bins, a crowded bus, a hybrid car, a bicycle, and an elevated train that's presumably running quickly and on time.

How did this happen? What contributed to such a dramatic change?

Urban hell transforms into urban paradise at the corner of a single office building.

One one side the monitor is on, the bin is full of trash, and disposable cups are stacked next to the sink. On the other side the monitor is off, the recycling bin is full, and by the sink are some coffee mugs left out to dry.

It's a powerful statement: Through simple acts such as turning off devices when not in use, sorting your waste products into the proper bins, and using a coffee mug instead of disposable cups, your humble self can help contribute to a dramatic change. Regardless of your environmental/political/scientific/religious/whatever views on global warming (the exhibition's theme), I think we all can agree that wise, efficient use of resources (which in my view includes minimization of waste, toxic or otherwise) is a good thing all around.


At 28 July, 2007 20:24, Blogger David Johnsen said...

Shouldn't that second photo have a BP logo somewhere?

I need put the globes on my August "to do" list. I haven't been to the lakefront even once this year.

At 28 July, 2007 20:57, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, that's right--Bastard Polluters is a sponsor!

At 18 March, 2009 10:37, Blogger Cathryn said...

Thanks for your wonderful observations of this globe. It was my vision and I am glad to see that you have fully noticed what is illustrated. It truly is in the small things. My husband and I wanted to get that message out with the opportunity given to us to be part of this event. Now we watch as our globe travels with others around the country. I'm so happy to read the words you wrote as you seem to just notice all of what we tried to get across!

Thank you!
Cathryn Colcer


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