13 June 2007

When did "hybrid [anything]" become cool?

I must say I rather like biodiversivist's point of view.

From Gristmill:
Hybrid bike update

"[Isn't an electric bike cheating?] is the most common question I get and it is also hands down the dumbest. It often comes from people who ride an expensive bike to nowhere in particular only on occasional sunny weekends for a little outdoor exercise ... If exercise is the only goal, why not dump the efficient bike and ride a fixie? Most people in the United States still view a bicycle as an outdoor exercise machine as opposed to an extremely efficient, carbon neutral means of single occupant urban transportation."

In other news, hey Grist, if you're so riled up about "clean" coal, then what the hell is up with that annoying GE ad at the top of nearly ever other page? Has anyone else noticed this?


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