26 April 2007

Our wacky, one-wheeled brethren

Here's a quandary: Do unicyclists ride on the sidewalk or the street?

I ask because I was nearly knocked over by one as I was leaving the coffee shop and fumbling as usual with the contents of my huge bag. I looked up just in time to see a flash of spokes and jump out of the guy's way, and as I drew a breath to yell at him to get on the street I noticed that he was riding a unicycle.

Now, certainly you can't demand that a unicyclist ride in the street with motor traffic (seems like a good way to lose an arm), but this guy was moving at a pretty good clip and taking up the whole sidewalk with his wobbling. I know that skilled unicyclists can turn on a dime with their arms crossed as you stand in awe of their exceptional balance and grace, so he must not have been that good at it.

The line between pedestrian and vehicle is sometimes quite blurry.


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