20 April 2007

Happy Earth Day to you

Activism isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be hard. Every little bit helps.
From Environmental Almanac:
Reflections on Activism for Earth Day, 2007

"Activism is at work when farmers and homeowners treat land and waterways with respect, recognizing that the true costs of pesticide and fertilizer misuse are borne by the land community as a whole, not just the person who purchases them.

"Activism is the spirit that moves volunteers to spend their free time restoring prairies, counting birds and cleaning up streams.

"Activism is alive every time a person walks or bicycles or takes the bus rather than jumping into a car.

"Now, none of this is to say there’s smooth sailing ahead. But as we confront urban sprawl and our dependence on harmful chemicals, as we face the threats posed by invasive species and global warming, we do so in the knowledge that activism works."

Don't forget to stop by McCormick Place this weekend for the Chicago Green Festival (TOC reports that there will be a bike valet), and then cruise down to the South Shore Cultural Center and give a congratulatory wave to Colin and Nora.


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