13 March 2007

Goin' downstate (really, really downstate)

Thank you DJWriter:

Cycling at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, featuring road routes around Carbondale. (see Bikes on Amtrak)

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm working at the wrong university, and then I quickly banish that thought from my mind. But it's nice to know that I would theoretically be able to get around down there without imposing on my folks.

There's also the Shawnee Mountain Bike Association, if that's you're thing.


At 02 April, 2007 02:48, Blogger David Johnsen said...

I just found out the League of Illinois Bicyclists is planning an event near Carbondale at the end of September called Shawnee Weekend Forest Ride (SWFR). It's nice to see the LIB do something down south, and it's a great area to ride.


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