26 February 2007

Speaking of alternative fuels...

The plot ever thickens: now more ethanol = less beer?

From the Financial Times:
Blow for beer as biofuels clean out barley

"Jean-Fran├žois van Boxmeer, chief executive of Heineken the Dutch brewer, warned last week that the expansion of the biofuel sector was beginning to cause a 'structural shift' in European and US agricultural markets.

"One consequence, he said, could be a long-term shift upwards in the price of beer. Barley and hops account for about 7-8 per cent of brewing costs."

That's right, increased demand for biofuel crops means less barley, which means higher beer prices. (It's not fair--I don't ever buy gas!) My advice: start hoarding six-packs of your favorite microbrews. Call it "collecting" and build a fancy rack if your wine snob friends object. Just a thought.


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