22 February 2007

If Illinois politics is a spectator sport, then Chicago politics is pro wrestling.

from Time Out Chicago:
Trails and tribulations

"Today, you can ride the [North Shore Channel Trail] north unhindered—-until you go underneath the busy intersection of Peterson and Lincoln Avenues, where the trail peters out. Oddly, it picks up almost immediately on the other side of the river. With no way across the water, cyclists must double back to Lincoln and cross the roadway bridge (with car traffic), or proceed north along Kedzie Avenue to Devon Avenue, where they can cross the river (again with traffic) on the Devon bridge before picking up the trail and continuing north.

"For the past two years, cycling advocates and Ald. Bernard Stone of the 50th Ward have butted heads over a bike bridge just north of Peterson that was supposed to solve that problem. The bridge was planned for and funded, according to Chicagoland Bicycle Federation officials, but Stone has chosen not to move forward with the project.

"Stone faces three opponents on the February 27 ballot, including Naisy Dolar, a former member of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations and cyclist who has embraced the issue. On Saturday 17, bike activists are hosting the 'Build the Bridge!' concert to benefit Dolar, who, if elected, would become the city’s first Asian-American alderman."

I didn't think that gap--admittedly a bizarre one--was that bad when I rode on the North Shore Channel Trail (on my way to Wisconsin), but then again (1) I generally know what I'm doing and (2) compared to Lawrence Ave. under construction on a Wednesday afternoon that one little hiccup in the trail was a piece of cake. (The detour is well marked.) But I can easily see how that would be a major problem for most of the people who would want to use that trail. I'm just endlessly amused by the fact that they're actually turning it into a campaign issue up there.


At 22 February, 2007 16:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naisy Dolar has nothing to run on and no real support, so she's taking it wherever she can find it.

At 22 February, 2007 16:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again Dolar is being reactionary and trying to capitalize on something that hit the news.

Brewer on the other hand is pro-active and has been working like an Alderman even before winning this upcoming election.

Aftab, like Stone offers little to the ward. At least he manages to stay awake though.

If you want REAL change then Vote Brewer on Tuesday!

At 22 February, 2007 20:58, Anonymous Serious Cyclist for Dolar said...

Woo hoo. Brewer's people are running SCARED because Naisy has picked up so much support, including endorsements from the Tribune, the Sun-Times, and many others. The Brewer gang is left sputtering on any blog it can find.

Chicago cyclists, here's a video about Naisy Dolar and the bike path: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pImWvI2skiQ

There's more on www.naisydolar.com, where you'll learn, among other things, why the Tribune endorsed Dolar: "Dolar's years as a community leader have prepared her for this. She has a broad platform for improving her city and her community, and she's an energetic political newcomer."

At 25 February, 2007 01:24, Blogger David Johnsen said...

Not only was the trail bridge funded, but those funds were restricted, i.e. "use it or lose it" -- it's not like Stone could spend the money elsewhere in his ward. Stone is just being a jerk because someone forgot to kiss his royal buttocks before daring to make an improvement in his little fiefdom.

By the way, last year Stone tried to get a $20,000 pay raise, claiming, "I know I deserve it."

As for the bike bridge being a campaign issue, anything that gets Stone out of office is fine with me. Alderman since 1973... A posterboy for term limits!!!


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