31 January 2007

Winter biking on hold until a few problems are resolved

1. Does anyone know of any clever tricks to prevent your glasses from fogging? (Aside from laser eye surgery or wearing contacts; the former is impractical and the latter just annoys me.) I almost got into a wreck this morning because I was blinded by my own exhalations. Hence, no biking in sub-freezing temps, period, until I figure out a solution for that.

2. I can't find any overlap in my wardrobe between the most effective articles for outdoor activity in low temperatures and those items of clothing that are suitable for the workplace. As casual as my workplace is, I really don't want to look like a slob who's only killing time in the office between brisk jaunts on my bike. Time to buy some wool pants and more wool sweaters, I guess, along with plenty of wool socks. I'm telling you, wool is amazing stuff. Sheep are so lucky.


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