21 June 2006

Government Bridge toward Davenport

Government Bridge is how you get to Iowa if you're a pedestrian--the longest, most unbearable stretch of open metal grating that I've ever had to endure. (Everyone made fun of me for walking my bike across with my eyes half shut. Next time I'll take the Channel Cat Water Taxi.) My personal feelings about bridges and large bodies of water aside, I have enormous respect and appreciation for all the hard work that people such as Chuck Oestreich have put into making this pedestrian crossing possible. I was very impressed by how dedicated Quad Cities folks are to creating, maintaining, and improving their extensive pedestrian trail network. (No wonder the Quad Cities are hosting the 2006 National Trails Symposium in October!) I think in Chicago there is more focus on bike lanes, traffic laws, and driver awareness, but it was refreshing to see an urban area with so many interconnected off-street trails. I'll have to go back again someday and explore them some more.


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